China finally classifies dogs as pets?

After years of being frowned upon by the world, China finally listens to the appeals.

– China has always been known (in a bad way) for its Yulin Festival.
– This festival happens around this time of the year.
– During this festival in the past, dogs were beaten and eaten by locals, for some traditional reasons.

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Everywhere in the world, dogs were loved and treated as family members… except, formerly, in China.

In the past, China would hold festivals that honored its long-standing tradition of beating and eating dogs, but on its very first year this year… the country has chosen to stop the heinous tradition and the officials have officially released a statement that dogs, instead of being subjected to maltreatments, are now considered domestic animals and are in fact to be treated as a household pet… NOT anymore a food commodity.

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This is indeed good news for the entire world since appeals to end the harsh practices of the country have been circulating and millions of people were indeed willing to sign the petition just to stop the animal cruelty practices from happening.

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