CATS – Are They Really Our Dog’s Enemy?

Is it even possible for cats and dogs to live peacefully in one house? What if you are both a dog lover and a cat lover at the same time. Do you really need to choose? Find out!

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– When a person is by nature, an animal lover, he or she may think that it will be a choice between a cat or a dog.
– Experts, however, have good news!
– According to experts, there is actually a good way to introduce your pet cats and dogs to each other and live harmoniously!

Cats and dogs can really get along well in real life, as compared with the usual cartoon scenes that are shown on television. The key is to allow the two furballs to interact with each other on their own terms.

One good piece of advice is that when you acquire a new pet for adoption, ask if they have been exposed to living with other animals that are not like them.

For dog owners, it is important to avoid putting their canine friends on a leash when introducing a new cat in the house. This is to avoid irritating them even more.

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