Can Canine Detect Corona? ( Video )

With the continuous rise of corona-virus cases worldwide, it would be a huge step if early detections were done.

– Right now, the clinical detection of CoViD-19 is quite expensive.
– As more cases are confirmed, more cases are also fear to have been unreported.
– There is a possibility that DOGS can detect coronavirus by… sniffing!

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Believe or not, coronavirus MIGHT actually be easily detectable by one of the “sharpest nose” in town… Our furry friends – dogs!

That’s right!

Scientists are now dwelling on the possibility that early detection of the deadly coronavirus may be done through sniffing… well, because accordingly, it has a distinct smell that dogs can easily catch.

However, scientists in KU’s London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LHTSM) are still testing this theory out and it’s too soon to make any concrete statement that might now be valid after all.

So for now, let’s wait and see how this experimentation will go… and at the same time, let’s all hope for the best!

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