Amazing Dogs Yoga You Have To See To Believe


Do Dogs and Yoga Mix Together?

What do you get when you mix dogs and yoga? Ever heard of Doga? Yes, it is actually an actual exercise that involves yoga practice with your canine best friend. It serves as relaxation, socialization, and bonding activity for dogs and their dog owners.

3 reasons why dogs can be amazing in yoga

What a fur-filled exerciseGetting fit can be more fun if you add some fur to it. Here’s why:

  • Dogs are one of the most obedient animals, ever!
  • They are able to follow just about any commands, even exercise routines.
  • Dogs are the perfect gym buddies we never knew we have.
The perfect yoga PAWrtner

How can dogs help their dog owners exercise?

You may find it hard to start a regular daily routine to maintain your body’s shape. Motivation is important, especially when it comes to exercise because it can tend to get either too boring or too strenuous at some point. However before you give up, try to look around your house. You might just have the PAWrfect PAWrtner, waiting to jump in the routines with you. Did you know that dogs can make such an amazing exercise motivator? Their cuteness is a giveaway, plus their enthusiasm and energy are very contagious!


A 4-minute video shows some of the cutest moments that a dog owner does with her dog, as they both do yoga (and other forms of exercises) together! In the video, it is evident how close the dog is to its dog owner, and how familiar the dog is to all the steps that the owner does during her yoga routines.

Dog yoga has been gaining more and more popularity recently, owing to the fact that it is a combination of both leisure (since you get to bond with your dog) and health (since you get to keep your body fit and fab). The best of both worlds indeed!

Watch the entertaining video here 

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