Can dog eat mango?

The exotic fruit provides beautiful fur and contains healthy ingredients. But how often can the dog eat mango and does it tolerate it well? The sweet fruit is very aromatic and even four-legged friends like the intense taste.

The mange is not suitable as a staple food for the dog. It should rather be given occasionally as a special treat or as a reward. The mango can also be fed as part of the BARF diet.

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Can dog eat mango?

The mango is undoubtedly very healthy and tastes good even for dogs. It contains a lot of magnesium, potassium, calcium and many valuable vitamins. However, the tropical fruit from the rainforests of India has a high sugar content, which can cause overweight in doggies.

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The tropical fruit is low in acid, which is especially good for dogs in recovery or with a sensitive stomach. Only very ripe mangos without skin and seeds should be fed. The pit is poisonous! Diced pulp can be mixed with other fruits. The mango in the food can also help to cure inflammatory diseases of the locomotor system in dogs.

  • Mango contains healthy ingredients.
  • Feed only very ripe fruits
  • Remove the skin and core
  • Feeding sporadically
  • Can be mixed with other fruits
  • Low acidity, therefore well tolerated

Does my dog get diarrhoea from mango?

Mango contains a lot of vitamin A, which is said to boost the immune system and can improve blood clotting. Dogs usually tolerate ripe mangoes well. They not only have an anti-inflammatory effect, but are also one of the four fruits containing enzymes that are extremely good for digestion. Diarrhoea is only to be expected in sensitive dogs or if another underlying disease is present.

Important: Always ask your vet, before take action!