7 Benefits of Owning a Dog

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Owning a dog offers a lot of benefits. We think that when we get a dog, we are just getting a pet, a cute little furry creature that will roam around the house to entertain us. But little did we know, they provide more than just being a protector and companion.

– Dogs are more than just entertaining and cute, they can also help boost their owner’s health.
– These “man’s best friends” may actually have a good reason for earning that title.
– Animal experts offer 9 benefits of owning a dog!

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It’s a given that dogs are cute and that they offer us so much entertainment with their silly and innocent acts every now and then.

However, while you smile and laugh at the smallest thing that your dog does in front of you, did you know that you are also boosting your immune system and fighting illness without you even knowing it?

Dogs are subtle but certain immune boosters!

The very fact that you own one can lead to better health, according to experts. So owning a dog can just be the BEST DECISION you could ever make in your life.

7 Benefits of Owning a Dog

Here are nine ways having a dog in our lives is beneficial to our health and well-being.

1. Encourages physical activity

When you have a dog, you cannot help but move around and do some exercises. As a matter of fact, ball throwing, walking or chasing after the dog already puts your body to work and allows you to burn some calories. In addition, these physical activities help lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

2. Makes you calm and happy

Having a dog means you’ll have an instant clown and a cuddle buddy. As a result,  owning a dog companion significantly reduces stress (cortisol) levels and increases oxytocin (happy hormones).

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3. Enriches your social interaction

Taking your animal friend for a walk or jog to a park allows you to go outside and meet neighbors or socially connect to other pet owners.

4. Makes you feel like everything’s going to be alright

They know when you are feeling down or sad. They may not be able to talk but their mere presence brings comfort and support when you need them the most.

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5. Puts all of your worries aside

Feeling stressed and tired from work? Seeing your dog eagerly waiting for you by the door automatically melts the stress away and you get that warm fuzzy feeling. It certainly makes you forget all the problems and worries that have been bothering you.

6. Brings joy to your life as well as to others

You never thought your heart can contain so much love and happiness until you have a dog. Their unconditional love is contagious. You can’t help but become a good person and share the same feeling with other people.

7. Supplies endless fun and laughter

When you have a dog, no day is the same. Additionally, every day always brings lots of surprises, chuckles, wet kisses, and tail-wagging fun. Dogs do have a cute and funny way of doing things (which we sometimes find weird).