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*Originally published on September 6, 2021

cute and funny puppies baby dogs white and brown dog sticking out its tongue

What cute and funny baby dogs

There is just something about baby dogs or puppies that make us say “aww” whenever we see them. Even if they are just being themselves or doing ordinary things, we can’t help but feel that warm fuzzy feeling (thanks to oxytocin).

Try not to laugh when you watch this video. Baby dogs (puppies) are such adorable animals. Their innocence and curiosity make them so entertaining to watch.

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Are you considering getting a puppy or are you going to be a new puppy paw-rent? Such wonderful news can be exciting and scary at the same time as there are a lot of things to take into account.  Questions going on your mind can be like — Do you need to puppy proof your house? How will you house-train the puppy? What will you do in certain situations (i.e. when the puppy cries at night or it feels scared)? Do you have everything the puppy needs? Will you be a good pet parent? Well, thinking about these issues means you already are. Don’t worry, you will do just fine.

Black puppy sleeping on hand

Complete Puppy Checklist

Here’s a puppy checklist that can help you prepare for the arrival of your new canine best friend.

1.  Separate bowls for food and water

2. Nutritional and balanced food such as all natural food and dog treats specially formulated for puppies (added bonus if it is breed-specific).

pet owner giving sundays food for dogs healthy food for dogs while her dog is watching her pour the box of the delicious dog food onto the dog bowl
A healthy and well-balanced diet is recommended for your dog

3. Leash, collar, and harness to keep your pup safe and secure while walking at a park or out and about. Taking them outside for a walk or playdate with other dogs will not only keep them active but also allow them to learn social interaction.

4. Different toys for chewing, pulling or chasing. Just make sure these dog toys are appropriate based on their age and chewing level as small objects may pose choking hazards.

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Different colorful toys for dogs and puppies
Choose a variety of dog toys

5. Easy to clean and washable soft bedding to keep them comfortable and feel at home especially during their first night at a new place. It may take a while before they get accustomed to the new environment so having a nice and comfy place to stay can help them adjust and feel safe.

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6. Grooming kit which includes a nail clipper, brush or comb

7. Puppy/dog soap and shampoo for bathing (use soap and shampoo formulated for dogs)

Baby dog in bath tub getting cleaned
Squeaky clean

8. Puppy pads or grass potty boxes, poop scooper, stain & odor cleaner and training crate

9. Crates (an enclosed safe haven for puppies) and safety gates (for open and secured play areas)

10. Flea, tick and worming tablets

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Have a dogtastic day!