Are mushrooms poisonous to dogs?

Dogs do not often eat poisonous mushrooms. But when they do, it has to be done quickly. Particularly with cracked mushrooms and green leaf fungi, immediate visit to the vet is essential for survival.

And just as certain mushrooms are poisonous to humans, dangers also lurk for quadrupeds along the way. Although only a minority of all mushrooms are threatening to dogs, if they catch one that contains the poisons muscarin or amanitine, it can have fatal consequences.

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These are the genus of the crack fungi and the tuber leaf fungi, for example the green tuber leaf fungus.

If the dog has eaten a bulbous leaf fungus, it will suffer from severe stomach ache, vomiting and diarrhoea eight to twelve hours later. This is followed by hours of apparent improvement. Many owners would believe that their dog is getting better without therapy and then take veterinary help too late. However, if left untreated, liver failure occurs one and a half to two days after taking the mushrooms, followed by kidney failure, multiple organ failure and a coma, which finally ends in death.

Important questions when dogs eat poisonous mushrooms

The diagnosis is crucial so that the veterinarian can take the right countermeasures. Owners should be able to answer the following questions:

  • > Has the dog already shown symptoms? Which and when? If the dog has already vomited, take some with you.
  • > Is it certain that the dog has eaten a fungus? If so, when?
  • > Can you describe the fungus? If possible take a photo and show it. Or take the rest of the mushroom with you.
  • > How much did he eat?

In some cases, cracked mushrooms are fatal. The poison muscarin has the effect that the stomach, intestines and lungs fill up with fluid very soon after ingestion. This eventually leads to suffocation.

React quickly if suspected

It is important to consult a veterinarian, even if it is only a suspicion. Serious consequences can be avoided with proper action. These include, for example, inducing vomiting, a gastric lavage or the administration of activated carbon.

According to the veterinarian, detoxification must be carried out within the first four hours after eating the fungus. After that, much of the toxin is already absorbed in the body.

Owners can also help the veterinarians with the diagnosis. For example, by trying to remember what the fungus looked like, taking a photo of it, or taking the remains of the fungus with them to be identified.

Finally, the question arises why dogs eat poisonous mushrooms at all. Do they lack the instinct that the bite does not suit them? Young dogs often eat mushrooms out of curiosity and playfulness. Maybe, but they also like the smell of cracked mushrooms. Some smell alcoholic, others stink and give off a spermatic smell.

Important: Always ask your vet, before take action!