Adopted Dogs – Do They Bring Problems Or Joy?

Adoptive dogs are very different from the ones that are purchased from pet shops.

– Dogs are the friendliest animals on Earth.
– Humans sometimes don’t see their value and abandon them.
– Most times, these abandoned dogs end up in animal shelters.

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When owners decide to get a dog, the tendency is that they are torn between adopting or buying one from a pet shop. Admittedly, puppies are cuter than adult dogs. So when owners decide, they usually lean toward the decision of buying a small puppy instead of an adult dog.


Because puppies are easier to train. The house routines are easier to introduce while the dog is still small.

Just like what happened to a dog owner who opted to adopt a full-grown dog, and ended up having a difficult time training it because it simply won’t step out of the house when it’s time to poop or to pee.

This is a common case because adult dogs are usually very used to practices in their former owner’s house that may not match that of their new owner’s preference.

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