Senior dog adopted by childhood friend


Here is a story of a senior dog who, as fate would have it, found her way back to her long-lost friend. Losing a pet as a child (either by adoption or death) can be heart-wrenching. After all, giving away your best friend could be one of the most difficult things to do and could definitely tear your heart into pieces.

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– When she was a child, Nicole and her pet were inseparable and the best of friends.
– Unfortunately, her family had to give her away to save her father’s job.
– They found each other again in the most remarkable way.


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Giving up her best friend

The good thing is, little Nicole understood what was going on. The brave girl accepted that her father’s job would be in the line if her family kept her dog. As a matter of fact, her father was working in customer service. Due to the nature of his work, he required a quiet place to perform his duties. Nicole’s dog Chloe made a lot of noises and had been known to incessantly bark. That is why the family had no choice but to give up the pet Nicole got from her grandmother.

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Senior dog but still a childhood best friend

But as luck or fate would have it, several years later their paths crossed again. The grown-up Nicole decided it was time to adopt a furry friend for her family and have a forever friend for her child. Upon seeing Chloe, Nicole felt a familiar feeling as the old dog uncannily resembled her lost friend. Without missing a beat, she brought Chloe home. Apparently, her instincts were right. A visit to the veterinarian to check the pet’s health and microchip revealed that the newly adopted dog was indeed her childhood best friend.  It is a classic story about love finding a way as they are meant to be together. The little child in her reunited with her best friend at last.

senior dog needs ruff greens for dogs nutrition