Adopt or buy a dog? Things to consider


Unbiased Opinion: Adopting Vs. Shopping for Dog

To adopt or to buy a dog is always the question that comes to mind when getting a dog. One of the most polarizing topics in the dog owners community is “shopping” vs. “adopting”.

  • There is really no definite demarcation line that tells us that one is better than the other.
  • Shopping, just like adopting, has its own good (and bad) side.
  • This article will give you an unbiased view of both sides of the spectrum.

Should you adopt or buy a dog?

Many people want to get a dog, and there are a couple of ways that you can. Either you rescue a puppy or an adult dog through adoption, or you can get one from a shop or a kennel. Both are actually fine, and in the end, it depends on which one is suitable for you.

Dogs waiting to be adopted or bought


Why adopt a dog rather than buy one?

Adoption Cons:

Adoption sometimes comes at a high price. Depending on the rescue center, some can charge a certain amount of fees so steep that it can discourage potential pet owners from pursuing the rescue. In addition, this process involves a lot of paperwork before an adoption gets approved. As a result, this inconvenience can also put off some people aside from the fact that they have to fulfill certain requirements such as yard size and income range.

Adoption Pros:

Getting a dog from rescue shelters would mean one less dog off its misery, or even from possible death. There are some shelters that have certain policies when it comes to long-term staying dogs who seem to have no luck getting into a new home. Also, rescue dogs can be one of the most loyal and protective creatures ever. Rescue shelters can also provide you with dog breeds that you prefer, so it can also be a good mix and match of options for you to choose from when you visit a dog shelter.

If you think that adopting a forever best friend is for you, there are a lot of animal shelters and rescue groups that can help you find your perfect match. Here is a checklist of what to consider in choosing the right place to get a dog for adoption:

1. Locate dog shelters in your local area and find out about their organizational setup and the services they offer.

2. Pay a visit to the shelters to assess the quality of services they offer and the welfare of the animals under their care.

3. Help and endorse the rescue groups that match your values and preferences.

4. Take appropriate action to assist or volunteer in shelters that require additional support or report and expose any rescue groups or shelters that hide animal cruelty and maltreatment.

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Why shop or buy a dog and not adopt?

Shopping Cons:

It’s a given that shopping for dogs entails money. Depending on the breed, the price may also vary. Some dog kennels, though not all, have earned a reputation too of being abusive and uncaring about the animals that they sell. Sometimes, even letting a dog breed way more than it should and at unhealthy intervals in order to get a frequent sell.

Shopping Pros:

Those who want to own dogs but can’t reach the minimum requirements to adopt one are given the chance to become the loving fur parents that they want to be. Most of the time, dogs that are bought have no trauma. This option makes it quite easy to train these pets, especially since most dogs that are for sale are younger ones.

If you are more inclined to buy from a breeder, consider the following steps first:

1. Find out the story about the puppy and the intention of the breeder.  Questions to ask the breeder can be whether the pregnancy was planned or if the mother already has other puppies. Can also ask the breeder’s plans on unsold puppies.

2. Pay a visit to the breeder’s home and assess the current living conditions of the mother and her puppies. Is the place clean or do the dogs have proper beds and easy access to food and water? How often are the dogs fed? Do the puppies and dog parents have enough room to move around or play?

3. Inquire if the puppy’s medical records are up-to-date. Can the breeder provide documents regarding the puppy’s vaccinations, microchip, health checks, or worming?

4. If the breeder refuses for you to visit, that raises a red flag and you should stay away and look for another breeder. Never buy online or anywhere unless you can pay a visit to check how the puppies are treated.

In the end, shopping and adopting have their own advantages and disadvantages. It all comes down to your preferences, lifestyle, and financial capacity.  Make sure you have weighed each option before making a decision. Whether you shop or adopt, what is important is that you give your dog/s the good and happy life that they deserve.