Adopt a dog, don’t shop?

dog waiting to be adopted

Should you buy or adopt a dog?

There are lots of things to consider before deciding to buy or adopt a dog.  What dog breed is the right one for you? Make sure you do your research before making a long-term commitment to get a pet. Normally when you initially get a dog, there is an adjustment period and it usually takes time before you or your dog get settled in. During this time, both of you are learning each other’s habits and trying to figure out what is allowed and what is not. As you and your new best friend get to know each other, you will be able to find the best routine and structure that works for you and your dog.

Adopt, don’t shop!

There are multiple ways to get a dog. You can either buy from pet stores or directly from breeders. Another way is to adopt a dog from your local animal shelter or rescue groups.

Ever wonder why the slogan “Adopt, don’t shop!” is a famous tagline when it comes to getting a dog? If the answer is yes, then this is a good chance for you to get acquainted.

We all know that dogs are not something that we should be shopping for. They are not some item that should be put on display, and bought (or returned) as we wish. They are living creatures, and it is good to know that a lot of pet owners even see them as part of the family.

A lot of people may not be aware of this yet, but a lot of dogs that are in the dog shelter were once shopped impulsively. Some people just wake up one day and decide to get a dog. So they buy one without really knowing the full extent of their responsibilities as a dog owner. For this reason, if you are planning to get a dog, kindly make sure to think it over and over bef0re considering those disadvantaged dogs that are waiting for another family to give them a second shot at a better life.

Want to know why adopting from a shelter is the best decision you could ever make? Watch and find out in this video from Animal Humane Society.

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog

1. They can get you to be active

Whether you get a shelter dog or not, having a dog makes you move around and be active. Walking your dog not only makes it happy as it likes to explore, but the activity is also good for your well-being. In addition, this serves as a bonding moment for you and your pooch.

2. They are comedians in disguise

Even if they are not aware, these adorable canines always seem to cheer us up with their funny antics.

3. They serve as your alarm clock

No alarm clock? No problem. There is no need to set the time because your dog’s bark or wet kisses is enough to wake you up in the morning.

4. Free babysitting services

Being an important member of the family, dogs can also sometimes play the role of a babysitter. The dog and the babies or children grow up and share precious moments together.

5. They are great listeners

You can tell them your secrets, qualms or frustrations and they would not tell a soul. They would just stare at you with those big round and adorable eyes.

dog waiting for owner to come home

6. They are waiting for you to come home

Tired and stressed from work? Once you get home, you’ll be greeted by your furry friend who will always be eager to see you and wait for you every single time.

7. Unlimited cuddles

So much better than a stuffed toy, your fluffy dog companion can provide the warmth and snuggles. These would come in handy especially during winter.

8. Don’t forget the laughs

Why do dogs make you laugh? Is it because they are adorably funny or is it due to their quirky characteristics? Generally, dogs love attention but sometimes their curiosity simply grabs our attention in a comical way.

9. Their love is unconditional

They seem to love their pet owners more than they love themselves.

(wo)man’s best friend

10. Best friends for life

The bond between dogs and humans is remarkable. Considered as a man’s/(wo)man’s best friend, dogs are kind, loyal, and compassionate. They seem to know how to lift the spirits of their pet owners.

Having a dog is a big responsibility. You should consider your current circumstances and decide if you will buy or adopt a dog. Several options are available for you should you decide to get a pet. However bear in mind that this is a lifelong commitment, make sure you have done your research and assess whether you are ready or not to get a dog.