8 Of The Top Low-Maintenance Dogs

What is a low-maintenance dog breed? There are many requirements to consider when deciding to keep a dog. For example, whether he belongs to the easy-care dog breeds, whether he needs a lot of exercise or a lot of training in order to stay fit not only physically but also mentally.


If you want a low-maintenance dog that is easy to train, you must base your research not only on the intelligence level of his breed, as this is not the only factor that influences learning.

8 Low maintenance dogs
8 low maintenance dogs


In fact, many dogs that are among the most intelligent breeds are so stubborn that they don’t learn anything!

So the acumen of an easy-care dog breed can and must also be measured by how quickly it can learn the commands.


The Newfoundlander

The Newfoundlander is a giant in the dog world. Courageous and intelligent, he is a tame specimen, often used in the practice of water rescue. Despite its size, it is a delicate animal with a great passion for children.

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In general Newfoundland dogs are considered to be very robust dogs who can – and want to – get out of the door in any “wind and weather”. Rain, cold, or wind do not bother the robust dog. The Newfoundlander, who is historically accustomed to the harsh climate of the Canadian Atlantic coast, only likes sunshine in moderation.


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