7 Awesome dog hacks to try with your dog

Dog hack training

Dog hacks, do they really work?

Having a dog as an extended member of the family can be both challenging and rewarding. It’s like having a child who needs guidance and the proper training to know how to behave or do things. That is why this week we bring you 7 awesome TikTok dog hacks to help give your dog or puppy a better life and make things easier for you. Bear in mind though that every dog or puppy is different and depending on your dog’s attitude or individual needs, these tips and tricks may work or not. So let’s get to it!

Hack #1 (Training Hack): How to train your dog to leave a treat alone quickly

This will test your dog’s patience and intelligence. Offer its favorite treat from your hand but close your hand immediately if it suddenly wants to grab the food then say “leave” firmly. If your pooch listened to your command, give it a piece of the treat. Otherwise, try again until your dog understands what you are trying to let it do. After that, keep the treat on your palm and near its face but move your hand away the minute it tries to grab the treat. Then command again to “leave” the snack as you move your hand back and forth until your canine friend shows restrain again. At that moment, reward your dog again with a piece of the treat. This time, drop the food on the floor while moving around your hand to cover and keep the dog from eating it. If your furry animal friend can resist going towards the treat, then yay, way to go! On the other hand, this can be a tricky task for most dogs, most especially puppies, since they love food so much. The age of the dog plays a major factor since puppies tend to lack the skills yet to control themselves. As it is, they still require some training. But with your guidance and support, they will be able to do this successfully.

Girl training her dog at the park
Dog in training

Hack #2 (Walk Hack): How to open a doggy poop bag easily when walking your dog

Dogs and humans love walking. It is a fun way to bond with your canine best friend as well as enjoy nature and fresh air. But as a dog owner, you always have to be prepared for any accidents that can happen while out and about. Every time you go out for a walk with your dog, you always have to bring a garbage bag for your stinky, I mean furry, friend. However, most of the time, opening the doggy bag is a struggle. For some reason, it is too sticky and it takes a great while before you get to successfully open it. But a woman in Tiktok found a way to solve this problem. All you have to do is brush your fingers on your dog’s nose then gently rub the doggy poop bag and voila, it’s open! Now that is a time-saving hack.

Hack #3 (Dog Activity Hack): An enrichment activity idea to try with your dog

Having a dog means you always have to find ways to keep them entertained otherwise they would either pester you to play with them, jump on you to get your attention or chew on everything they see because they are bored. This dog hack allows you to keep your dogs busy while enjoying a snack. All you need is a towel and their favorite treats. The first step is to place the towel on the floor and scatter their snack all over. Then pick one side and simply roll it in. That’s it, you’re done. Next, test it with your dog and see if it would be able to figure out how to do it and how fast they can finish all the treats. However, when it comes to food, dogs can easily gobble them up in an instant. You might still need to be creative or add your own twist.

Hack #4 (Exercise Hack): How to keep dogs entertained while getting exercise

This is the perfect outdoor activity when the sun is out. In this way, your dog gets his dose of exercise and it gives you an option to just chill and relax if you like. This works for anyone who has a tree or anything that can be used to hang a string tied to a ball. Dogs who love to jump such as an Australian Shepherd or Jack Russell Terrier will definitely enjoy this activity. It’ll keep them busy for a while as well as help them keep active.

Dog activity hack jumping dog
A Jack Russell Terrier loves to jump and play

Hack #5 (Clipping Hack): How to clip your dog’s nails without any fuss

As any dog owner would know, clipping a dog’s nails can sometimes be a power struggle. These pets sometimes just couldn’t keep still even for just a second. Plus, they do not really like their nails to be clipped. How to solve this problem? Well, the idea is to cover your head with cling wrap and smear peanut butter over your forehead. That way, your dog will be busy munching and licking the yummy snack (and hopefully not your face!) while you peacefully do their nails. See if that works for you and your dog. Though some may be put off with the idea, sometimes extreme measures should be made to get the job done.

Hack #6 (Food Hack): What to do when your picky dog does not want to eat its food

Even dogs can be picky eaters. If you are concerned that your dog is not getting enough food and nutrients, then you might need to find ways to be creative. Dogs get excited when they see their pet owners prepare food using different ingredients and spices. One way to trick your dog into eating is by pretending to add random ingredients to their food. This would get them eager to try the food. This might work with a puppy as they can be sometimes clueless. However, the opposite can be said with adult dogs as they are intelligent enough to notice the difference (or the lack thereof).

Bath hack for dogs who do stay put while bathing
Tibetan terrier not a fan of bathing

Hack #7 (Bath Hack): How to keep a dog to stay put while bathing her

Struggling to bathe your dog? Then this hack might be for you. Basically spread peanut butter on the bathroom wall and let your pooch munch away while you clean her. This can work if the dog is very hungry or if they are too tired to argue after being active all day. Otherwise, it can leave your dog confused as to what he needs to do.

Dog hack infographic
You can pin this infographic for future reference

So there you have it. These dog hacks can work or not depending on your dog’s breed and personality though some like the doggy bag hack applies to all dogs. Hopefully, you find these tips and tricks useful. Let us know on our Facebook page which dog hacks you tried and if it was a success or failure. As always, have a dogtastic day!

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