6 Things Dogs Need

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What are the Basic Things Dogs Need?

Dogs need nourishment, shelter, and lots of love. After all, these tail-wagging pets become honorary members of the family.

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The nutritional needs of puppies may differ from the requirements of an older dog. Whether you prefer Organic Pet FoodGrain-Free Pet Food, or Wild Sourced Pet Food, a pet needs a well-balanced diet in appropriate portions based on age. The vetenary nutritionist can assist in formulating the correct diet for your furry friend.

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Family Love

Love and attention

Your canine friend would also require your attention. This especially holds true for puppies and younger dogs. Cuddles and lots of love can also help your canine buddy adjust to the new environment and make them feel safe and secure. But that is not to say that senior dogs need less care. In fact, as they get older, special treatment needs to be considered when it comes to their health and well-being.

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Your home is their home. They are part of the family so treat them accordingly. Show kindness, compassion, and care.

Aside from providing basic things dogs need such as food, love, and shelter, your furry friend would also need the following:

Different colorful toys for dogs and puppies
Choose a variety of dog toys


Toys are particularly useful to keep your tail-wagging friend entertained and mentally stimulated. There are some dog breeds that tend to have full of energy and be playful by nature like the Jack Russell terrier. Toys for playful dogs include chew toys and squeak toys which can keep them busy for hours. On the other hand, smart dogs such as the Border Collie and Golden Retriever should have interactive and stimulating activities for their intellectual nourishment.

Cute Puppies Doing Funny Things (Video)


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assortment of dog treats in a bowl with wooden background
Tasty snacks for dogs

Dog treats

Special treats are an essential part of dog training. Aside from getting your pup excited and be on alert, the allure of the yummy and tasty treat will let your new best friend follow its nose as you point the food to the proper position and follow your directions to sit, stay, or down.

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Training equipment

Although not completely necessary, additional equipment can offer a wide range of activities to aid dog training. Not only will these training gears keep the dogs busy, but they will also improve their skills, agility, and intelligence. Get $5 OFF any purchase with code 5off!


What your dog really needs

I am here for you, will you be here for me too?

Basic needs fulfilled and additional things to entertain and stimulate provided would be sufficient to keep your dog happy and healthy. However, the most important thing that your dog needs is YOU. Give them your time and attention and they will love you unconditionally.

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