5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Dog

Looking for ideas on how to spend Valentine’s day with your dog? Your dogs mean the world to you and you want to show them how much you care. Here we list some of the things you and your Valentine buddy can do together on heart’s day.

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Picnic Valentine’s Day Dog Date

It’s the perfect opportunity to go outside and get fresh air. In addition,  your dogs will thank you for the chance to stretch their legs, sniff around, go for a walk, and have their favorite tasty snacks.  As for you, all you have to do is sit back, grab a book, relax and enjoy the outdoors. If you are up for it, maybe you and your dog can play throw and fetch. Dog breeds that love the outdoors include the Golden RetrieverBorder CollieSiberian Husky, and German Shepherd.

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 Pup and Shop

Love shopping? Why not take your furry friends to do their own retail therapy? Toy dogs such as ChihuahuasToy poodles, and Pugs are the perfect size to fit in your dog purse or dog carrier. When it comes to choosing dog toys or dog treats, let your adorable companion animals pick out something they like. Durable toys such as dog ropes or chew toys are perfect for playful dogs. Squeaky toys will also be a hit and can entertain your energetic pooch for hours.


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Dog Play Date

Let your friendly pup join their doggo friends at a dog park. MaltipooShi Tzu, and Beagle are some of the friendliest dog breeds. Getting along with other dogs is a good canine dog skill that can be developed through regular interaction and playtime with other pooches. Accordingly, this can be done through puppy training and socialization at an early age.

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Day at the Beach

Why not spend a day at the beach? Most dogs love the beach. Especially for dog lovers who are also beach bums, the perfect dog companions are the dog breeds who love the water and are great swimmers. The Golden RetrieverLabrador Retriever, and English Setter are some of the water-loving breeds that will enjoy running and splashing about in the water. A sand-proof and waterproof beach blanket and towels for you and your pup then you’re all set for a fuss-free beach bonding. Oh and don’t forget the sunscreen!

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At Home’s the Best

Spending Valentine’s day with your dog can also be as simple as relaxing at home and spending quality time with your furry best friend. In fact, lots of bonding activities can be done at home. Watch a funny dog movie like Dog which featured a Belgian Malinois Dog and Channing Tatum (who starred and directed the comedy movie). If you want to cry your heart out, don’t forget some tissues as you check out A Dog’s Purpose. The story is about a dog and his adventures to show humans what it is to laugh and love.

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Whichever way you want to spend Valentine’s day with your dog, nothing beats the love and attention that you give to the special member of your family. Your furry pets will surely appreciate the lovely gestures. You might even get lots of cuddles and wet kisses! A happy dog and a Happy Valentine’s day indeed.