The 3 Top Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds

Some dogs need especially personal hygiene. For others, on the other hand, you rarely have to lift a finger. These are the breeds designed for those who love peace and quiet, from rescue to pet therapy: learn all about easy-care dog breeds here!

Which dog breed is the most peaceful? Which easy-care dog breed is suitable for homes, which for families? You can find out all this here!

In nature, there are many dog breeds that are much more peaceful than their colleagues, ideal if you love peace and quiet. Or if you live in a thin-walled condominium with a battle-hardened neighbor.


Even if the little Yorkshire Terrier with the characteristic bow in his hair gives a different impression at first sight. This British Terrier is anything but a cute lap dog! Behind his neat appearance hides a true fighter heart.

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Courageous, self-confident, and passionate, the dog gnome appears and does not even shy away from confrontation with large dogs.

Despite his great self-confidence, the Yorkshire Terrier usually adapts well to the everyday life of his family. Thanks to its compact size, you can easily take it with you wherever you go and it is also not very demanding when it comes to exercise.

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Nevertheless, you should move the former hunting dog enough. Besides the daily walks, the little whirlwind can be enthusiastic about dog sports, such as agility or flyball, or hunting and search games. If he can then pursue his passion for digging and digging in the dense undergrowth, the little Yorkies luck is perfect


  • Country of origin: Great Britain
  • Original purpose: Ratting
  • Life expectancy: 14 years
  • Height range: 22.5cm-23.5cm
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