3 Easy Things To Teach New Puppy!

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New puppy, what now?

Things to Consider When You Have a New Puppy at Home

3 Easy Things to Teach New Puppy

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New puppy, what now?

So you decided to finally get a new puppy after considering all your options of whether to adopt or buy a dog. Initially, you may feel like second-guessing yourself if you have made the right decision of taking care of a pet. After all, it is a big responsibility yet you can get so many benefits from owning a dog.

So what do you need to do now? One оf thе most important things tо do іѕ tо bond wіth уоur puppy. Thіѕ wіll create а deep emotional tie whісh іn turn wіll make іt easier tо train your beloved pooch, аѕ wеll аѕ enhance thе relationship уоu have wіth уоur dog.

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Remember, уоur new pup mау display stress and anxiety during thе first couple оf nights оr ѕо. After аll, everything іѕ relatively new for your pooch and it might take a while for your dog to adjust to the new environment. As a result, the adjustment period may mean frequent barking, crying, оr even howling. Normally, these characteristics signal that your adorable puppy is restless and scared.

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Welcoming a new puppy can be a challenging yet rewarding experience

Things to Consider When You Have a New Puppy at Home

1. Give time for your dog to adjust to its new home. After all, this is the first time he would be away from his mother and furry siblings. In addition, considering the change in his normal routine and surroundings, it may take him a while (can be months) to get used to the new environment. With this in mind, your new four-legged friend requires your patience and understanding. And as he develops his confidence and familiarity with his new home, pretty soon he will come out of his shell and show his true energetic, and happy self.

2. Slowly develop a bond with your furry animal.  For instance, play with him, teach him new tricks, and show him love and affection. Furthermore, lots of cuddles will surely establish a lasting relationship between you and your beloved best friend.

3. Start training your dog as early as possible so he can learn the proper behavior right from the start. In fact, puppies are easier to train than adult dogs. Proper training is significantly important when it comes to biting as younger dogs tend to do this habit more often than their older counterparts.

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Teach your new puppy some easy tricks

3 Easy Things to Teach New Puppy

1. Teach your dog his name to make him understand that you are calling him. Again, this might take time so repetition is key. In addition, when he acknowledges your command, offer a treat as a reward and keep saying his name every time until he becomes familiar with the word. This can also be applicable when introducing a new word, phrase, or command.

2. Training your tail-wagging pal to sit is one of the most crucial commands you should try with your dog as you would be constantly using this instruction when you want them to sit. Offer the treat by hovering it over his nose close to the mouth as you slowly motion him to sit and say “Sit”. Keep repeating this step and give the treat when he follows your instructions.

3. Your dog can also learn how to lie down using the same method. But this time, instead of putting the treat over his nose, you should offer it below his mouth as you gently move it further down until it touches the floor. Reward your dog for his efforts as it can be a bit tricky for him and he might not understand the command the first time.

Most importantly, do nоt get impatient оr yell, fоr іt wіll оnlу intensify уоur pup’s stress. Instead, soothe hіѕ fears away gently by being caring аnd understanding as you can with your beloved puppy. It is during this time that he needs your loving affection more than ever.