13 Newborn Puppies In One Birth – AMAZING! ( Video )

Labradors are known to be conservative when giving birth, with a maximum of 4 puppies.

– Amazing news for labrador lovers!
– A pregnant black labrador gave birth recently and the number of puppies is extraordinary.
– This is by far the biggest litter for one labrador birth.

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The owners of this labrador in England could not be any prouder when their pet dog gave birth to a record-breaking number of litters – that’s by far considered as the biggest litter in the history of dog birth!

Normally, a labrador can bear up to 4 or 5 maximum puppies every pregnancy. The owners were overwhelmed when they found out through an ultrasound that more than 10 puppy heartbeats can be heard.

At first, the owners were skeptical but during labor, they decided to film the entire process and was in for quite a good surprise for themself!