11 Awesome Life Hacks For Your Dog

Having a dog as your co-pilot can be both challenging and rewarding. Not to mention it’s nice to always have a close pal nearby to hang out with. This week we put together 11 awesome dog hacks to help give your puppy booboo a better life and make things easier on you.

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Let’s go fetch them! If your dog is a fan of toys, then you know they can add up in price pretty quickly.

Especially if they have the tendency to destroy them grab yourself an empty water bottle that’s size appropriate for your little dog.

Squeeze the bottle in just a bit and put the lid back on to keep it lopsided and prevent it from being crushed.

Completely this will make a nice alluring crinkle sound that dogs love Now just grab an old fluffy sock or a new one if that’s what you’d prefer.

And put the water bottle inside you’ll want to tie off the sock to leave this little extra room inside as possible.

You can even consider cutting off the excess if you wish when you’re done just toss it to your pooch and give them something to do for a little while also keep in mind that if your dog has a problem destroying human clothing.

You might want to try hiding the water bottle inside something else So they don’t worsen them if your dog eats too fast from time to time it can lead to an upset stomach.

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If you can’t always be there to monitor their eating habits then try this Place a ball in the bowl to cut off their full access to the kibble This will force them to move the ball around to Get to the food and in theory slow them down