10 Most Iconic Asian Dog Breeds

The most populous continent in the world is Asia – expanding across 48 different countries. With over 4.5 billion people, Asia accounts for over half of the world’s total population! As a result, Asia is home to hundreds of millions of dogs.

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Akita Inu – bred in Japan as a fighting dog

The Akita Inu, which represents the largest native Japanese dog breed, is an impressive four-legged friend that is not to be trifled with in an emergency. But thanks to his size, strength and intelligence he can afford to appear self-confident, dignified and calm. He is loyal to his family and keeps his distance from strangers. Especially the males like to get involved in fights with other dogs.


The representatives of this breed are quite easy to care for. An Akita Inu usually undergoes a short, heavy coat change twice a year. During this time a comb with double-rowed metal tines does a good job.


Balanced, deliberate, intelligent, friendly, obedient, unshakable, great hunting instinct, good guard dog, without much barking, loyal to his owner and family. An Akita Inu sees himself as a friend – not a slave. These tough and robust fellows have even achieved proverbial fame in Japan: “Delicate in heart, but outwardly strong and brave” describes the Akitas surely best.