10 Most Dangerous Dogs

The most dangerous dog I know of is the Hot Dog. That one almost chocked me to death last year. It is also the only dog that also can give you permanent brain damage if an attack is untreated in time.

Steven writes in the comments:
I’m sure these dogs just need some love, it’s how they’re raised, so NEVER blame it on the dogs.

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Who would like to arrange its spare time actively with the quadruped, could profit from a large breed. With an appropriate state of health as well as a suitable age, the large dog can certainly accompany its owner on a bicycle, jogging or skateboarding.

Individual dog owners prefer large dogs such as a Great Dane or the German Shepherd (the DSH is still one of the most popular dog breeds) at their side, as they feel even safer with large four-legged friends. However, a large dog has some demands.

In the purchase price large breeds differ from the small breeds only conditionally. Rather the pedigree as well as the demand for the breed play a role.

The follow-up costs, however, are relatively high – a large dog eats several times as much. The costs in case of illness are higher, because more medication has to be administered and also the prophylaxis is more expensive. Whether a large dog needs more run than smaller relatives of the species cannot be said in general. It is not enough to offer only the garden for free run.

Depending on the breed, the coat care is more complex, because the skin has a larger surface.